As a company founded by growers, we recognized the pain points that other cultivators were experiencing with products that weren’t purpose-built for . To give growers -specific solutions that deliver on performance and ease-of-use while boosting ROI, we created our Grow Deck system and, more recently, our state-of-the-art Grow Decks and AirGlide.

But we didn’t want to stop there. As the industry experiences a huge shift towards indoor, multi-tier cultivation, we wanted to help growers approach these changes in a way that works for them. With our innovative Augmented Reality and Room Generator tools, growers can visualize exactly how choosing AG Glide’s solutions will elevate their cultivation and their business.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Travis Schwartz, further breaks down the benefits of all things AG Glide in an exclusive interview for Benzinga, a leading industry news platform. Click here to check out the full conversation.