The industry is all about maximizing the product yield. With limited space and the need to create a highly controlled growing environment, companies are looking for the best possible ways to increase productivity. Rolling grow tables or “rolling benches” are nothing new to the horticulture industry and there are various iterations on the market today. This technology has been around for multiple decades and used in various growing and greenhouse spaces. 

However, since medical and recreational has become legalized in specific states and regions, cultivators and growers have hit obstacles. Issues like wasted canopy space, uneven light distribution to plants, and inefficient drainage systems have slowed down or even prevented companies from achieving better production metrics. 

Many cultivation businesses still use traditional stationary table systems that may or may not have a benchtop that moves side to side. They are the most inexpensive option and require a lower start-up cost compared to mobile grow tables. As is an expensive plant to grow, maintain, and harvest, cutting corners in start-up costs is sometimes necessary. Yet, in the long-term many business owners are realizing that the flexibility and customization afforded by mobile grow tables are worth the investment for a myriad of reasons. 

Benefits to Using Mobile Grow Tables for Cultivation 

Maximize Your Growing Space

Mobile grow tables offer several benefits for both the cultivation team as well as the business owners. Operators using stationary benches might only utilize 65-70% of their room’s square footage due to the need for aisles in between benches and space dedicated to fertigation and environmental controls. By switching to mobile benches, an operator is able to reclaim space wasted on aisles and other infrastructure and truly dedicate up to 90% of a room’s square footage to canopy! When you consider the ability to have multiple cultivation tiers stacked vertically on each rolling table, you can really start to see your production canopy increase by multiples. In addition, the design of these tables allows for hundreds of square feet of growing space to be moved with a single hand. This ensures that the increased space and plants are able to be managed in a safe, quick, and efficient manner. 

Better Environment Control

Greater control of growing conditions is also an added advantage to mobile grow tables. plants require a highly specific environment in order to optimize their natural growth cycles. When cultivators lack control over their plants, yields suffer and product quality diminishes. AG Glide’s mobile benching offers growers customizable options for their plants. Here are a few examples of how our mobile benches help you better control your cultivation environment:

  • Adaptable airflow systems prevent “hot spots”
  • Mounting lights on benches creates more uniform/constant PAR to plant
  • Built-in drainage systems keep space clean and prevent IPM issues
  • Vertical stacking tiers allow operators to double or triple their production space

With mobile benches, the ability to move and scale plants opens the door to being able to create better growing conditions for your specific needs. This, in turn, helps streamline the growing and harvesting process by allowing plants to be moved easier from side to side within your growth chambers. In doing so, the cultivation team can better access and manage the health of the plants — from germination to bud.

Looking for the Perfect Mobile Grow Tables? 

AG Glide has created a world-class benching system for any agricultural need at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. However, our system offers far more functionality than other “rolling benches” on the market allowing the operator to not just increase the canopy size in their cultivation spaces, but also the ability to better control the environment and stack multiple tiers on each bench. With the highest strength rating per shelf on the market, our cultivation solutions are designed from the ground up to fill any need with high-quality material and a commitment to increasing production metrics. 

We believe our system is the best on the market and does what we were always looking for: a first-class benching system without the luxury price tag. Ready to start growing? Contact us today!